Since 2011, Dr. Kates has served as Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at St. Francis Hospital. Under his leadership, the department provides high quality, skilled anesthesia care to patients in various procedural locations. Dr. Kates’ anesthesia staff includes 38 physician anesthesiologists and 17 nurse anesthetists. In addition to St. Francis Hospital, they provide medical care at the East Hills Ambulatory Surgical Center and cardiac anesthesia at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. It is their mission to facilitate excellence through their work within the operative and invasive programs that distinguish these centers.

Dr. Kates’ professional career began in North Carolina as an Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill practicing cardiac anesthesia and contributing to cardiovascular research. He was then recruited to Duke University as an Associate Professor. Clinical cardiac anesthesia care remained his passion and, when asked to join the anesthesiology practice at St. Francis Hospital in 1986, he relocated with his wife, Shelley, three-year-old Jesse, and Jamie who was born two months later. At that time, he was the fourth anesthesiologist to join a group which has grown into a practice of 55 professionals known as New York Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists. Dr. Kates describes his 33 year career at St. Francis Hospital as an enduring and life-affirming experience.